Personnel Procurement

Our main focus is personnel procurement. It results in the balance of service and employment between the employer and the chosen candidate.

Direct Search

Specialist positions are especially difficult to fill in Austria. Oftentimes, a direct approach by your company would be unlawful. That’s when we headhunters – your personnel marketing experts – step into the ring.

We do it all for you!

Based on your needs, we create an exact job profile for the position to be filled, carry out a detailed market analysis of potential candidates and approach them directly.

In a highly-structured and professional interview, we provide candidates with a comprehensive description of your firm and the position for which they are being considered. Subsequently, we’re able to offer you a focused shortlist of the most qualified applicants... saving you time and money.

The right one is included!

Executive Search

For your company to be led successfully, the right executives at the right time are an absolute must. These are the leading edge people, who create the future, so optimally filling the key positions they’ll hold is decisive in a number of respects.

We’ll find the ones you need!

Personnel Consulting

Filling vacancies in your firm requires extensive recruiting. This demands a great deal of time, know-how concerning appropriate skills, thorough competence and effective interview techniques that quickly reach their goal.

We have the necessary knowledge as regards compensation & benefits and are aptly qualified to support you in your search, choice and the optimal organisation of your personnel management.

Recruiting is our specialty.


Do you have a headcount problem? And are you sure about whom you want to hire? Not to worry; we have the solution for you. All you have to do is ask us.

We do the hiring for you.

Personnel Leasing

In the event that you simply need temporary help, our service portfolio also includes personnel leasing.

Integrations leasing, which is a combination of personnel leasing and personnel procurement, rounds out our list of services.

We solve your personnel bottlenecks.

Psychological Testing and Assessments

Well-grounded training and long-term experience in the area of business technology allow us to assume a supportive role in the entire range of performance and personality testing, assessments and the generation of expert reports – leading ultimately to the optimal filling of available positions.

We test the best.


With the help of systematic, questioning methods, we are able to support you, as required, in seizing the optimal opportunities and possibilities for development in planning your career.
Long-term, executive experience coupled with lessons learned as active team members enable us to recognize bright, new perspectives.

You find your way.